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About us - BSR ENT Hospital

BSR ENT is a practice dedicated to advancing patient education and care with a preventive approach. With a focus on patient care, our staff and doctors constantly work on upgrading their knowledge on advancements in treatments and technologies to deliver best results.

Each of our experienced doctors and surgeons focus on providing the best care and treatment for the entire family from pediatric to elderly care in the areas of ear, nose, throat, neck and head. These include facial cosmetic reconstructive procedures, treatment of nose and sinus related problems, allergies, hearing loss and other ENT related diseases including the head, neck and sleep disorders.

We have the most qualified doctors and adept hands to treat the most complicated or the simplest of ENT disorders using our advanced technologies and equipments.


Our mission is to constantly update ourselves with the state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and knowledge and pursue clinical governance in the most efficient way.


We strive to be the Centre of Excellence in ENT, Head and Neck specialty treatments with expert surgeons and patient-centric staff. We aim to make every treatment for our patients more comfortable, pain-free and convenient for our patients using our expertise and technologies.

Our Growth Story

BSR ENT Hospitals was started by Dr. B.Shanker Rao, MS DLO FICS, as a nursing home, is now a 20-bed full-fledged hospital with latest technology and equipment. Dr. BS Rao is joined by other doctors Dr. Kalyan Chakravarthy, MS, ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon and Managing Director, BSR hospital, (including General Surgeons, Otoneurologists, Surgical Oncologist, Plastic Surgeon, Pulmonologists, Anesthesiologists etc.) and other nursing and admin staff, that makes us a strong team of 30 staff members.

We have grown to a full-fledged ENT hospital with our in-house Clinical and Biochemical Laboratory / Radiology, Otoneuro clinic, Allergy Clinic and Immunotherapy, and some of the advanced equipment such as Video Endoscopy, Middle Ear Transducers (MET), RAST (Radio Allergo Sorbent Assay), BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aids), Video Endoscopy for Nose, Larynx, Bronchus, Pharynx and Oesophagus.

We have adept surgical hands to perform surgeries in specialized areas, some of which include - Oral surgeries- Tonsillectomy, Uvuloplasty, cleft palate, tongue tie, Cosmetic Surgery of the Nose and Face, Micro laryngeal Surgeries for Voice Disorders, Advanced Head & Neck Cancer Surgeries, Skull based Surgeries and Otoneurosurgeries etc.

Over the years we have conducted 20,000 surgeries and served a million plus patients. We work with every patient as our own family member, right from consultation through to the post-operative care. Shortly we will also be starting eye care facilities for our patients. Our patients tell our success story with their reviews.

40 years of excellence